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Crefit Clear Card Credit

Clearing credit card debts
in as fast as 3 minutes
to safeguard your credit health

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  • Guard your credit score healthiness


    Guard your credit score healthiness

  • Great credit creates Greater value 


    Great credit creates greater value 

  • Generate value with our hearts


    Generate value with our hearts

Why Crefit



  • Smart Big Data

    Smart Big Data

    Analyze data to provide precision recommendations based on each user's risk tolerance, enhance user experience and speed up the approval process.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    System self-learning capabilities to utilize big data analysis and execute decisions.

  • Programmed Engine

    Programmed Engine

    Strong engine security and never acquire user data through third-party sources, ensuring complete privacy protection.

  • Decision Engine

    Decision Engine

    Autonomous decision-making for speedy approval.