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Referral Rewards

Refer a friend to join CreFIT ClearCard Credit and earn up to HK$900 in cash rewards for each referral!
Your friends will receive HK$500 in cash rewards*.

* Friends must meet reward requirements within the Promotion Period. Terms and conditions apply.

Refer friends to join CreFIT ClearCard Credit

Earn unlimited cash rewards! The more you refer, the more you earn! Earn up to HK$900 per successful referral!

  • No credit report check, not affecting your credit rating

  • From application to credit card settlement in as fast as 3 minutes

  • Fully online application, no in-person or income documents needed

Three Steps to Refer a Friend


  • How can I join the "CreFIT Referral Scheme"?

    Existing CreFIT ClearCard Credit customers can use their unique referral code to invite friends to earn referral rewards.

  • What are the requirements and rewards for Referrers?

    During the Promotion Period, Referrer successfully invites a friend to apply and get approved for CreFIT ClearCard Credit with their referral code, it counts as a successful referral. There are two parts for Referrer’s Rewards, that is a Basic Referral Reward and Additional Referral Reward. Referrer can earn a Basic Referral Reward of HK$200 for every successful referral. If the total number of successful referrals reaches a specific count, Referrer can earn up to HK$700 in Additional Referral Rewards for each successful referral. In summary, Referrer can earn up to HK$900 for each successful referral, and there is no upper limit to the number of successful referrals. Please refer to the promotion details for more information.

  • Is there any limit on how much I can earn from referral?

    There is no limit on Referral Rewards. The more successful referrals, the more rewards you can earn!

  • How will cash rewards be issued?

    Cash rewards will be credited to the eligible customer's valid repayment account with eDDA set up in the CreFIT Application. Failure to set up a valid eDDA before reward distribution will result in the forfeiture of rewards without reissuance.

  • When will my referral code expire?

    No, referral code does not expire.

  • Can I change the referral code if I entered the wrong one?

    We will prompt you for corrections if you have entered the wrong or invalid code. You can modify and submit the correct referral code before finalizing your CreFIT ClearCard Credit application. The referral code cannot be changed after submission.

  • If my referral's CreFIT ClearCard Credit application is rejected, can I still get the referral cash reward?

    A rejected referral's CreFIT ClearCard Credit application does not count as a successful referral, so you will not be eligible for the cash reward. But don't be discouraged! Your friend can apply again! Just remember to remind your friend to input your referral code when they re-apply during the Promotion Period!

  • When does the "CreFIT Referral Scheme" promotion end?

    The Promotion Period runs from 21-September-2023 to 31-December-2023 (Both dates inclusive).

  • What are the rewards and requirements for Referees?

    During the Promotion Period, Referees who apply and get approved for ClearCard Credit using a referral code are eligible for a cash reward of HK$500.

  • Can my friend and I refer each other? When can I get a referral code to start referring?

    The referral code can only be entered during the application process for CreFIT ClearCard Credit. Either you or your friend must have already applied and be approved as a customer of CreFIT ClearCard Credit in order to receive a personal referral code for inviting others.

  • Where can I find my personal referral code and total cash rewards earned?

    Log in to your CreFIT App. Your referral code and / or referral link is located in \"Referral Scheme\" under "My Account". You can also check your referral records and cumulative rewards earned at the bottom of the page.

  • Where should I enter the referral code when applying for CreFIT ClearCard Credit?

    After completing identity verification, you can optionally enter a referral code at the bottom of the "Other Information" page when filling in your personal details.

  • As an existing CreFIT ClearCard Credit customer, if I delete my account and re-apply using a friend's referral code, can I still earn rewards from the Referral Scheme?

    No, only brand-new customers are eligible as Referee. Even if you delete your CreFIT ClearCard Credit account and re-apply using another referral code, neither you nor your friend will be eligible for the cash rewards because you were a CreFIT ClearCard Credit customer previously.

  • When will Referrers and Referees receive the cash rewards after fulfilling the reward requirements?

    The "Basic Referral Reward" for the Referrers and the "HK$500 Referee Reward" for the Referees will be credited within 10 working days upon fulfilling the reward requirements. The Referrer's "Additional Referral Reward" will be credited within one month after the end of the Promotion Period. Contact our customer service through the CreFIT App for any assistance.

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